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A thing happened. I am officially an "oiler," and a Young Living Distributor! Now, wait a second. Hold your judgment and hear me out for a sec.

I'd been aware of the world of essential oils for some time – about two years or so. I had done quite a bit of research (on Google, duh) about the history of oils, their uses and effectiveness, read how essential oils have transformed lives, and then felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the DIYs and the recipes and the idea of keeping track of which oil does what, slammed my computer shut and said, "no thanks, I'll stick to what I know." But oils kept coming up whenever I'd search for natural remedies for my family and myself. I'd see posts about essential oils on Facebook and Pinterest, read about oils on friends' blogs, and finally, my curiosity was piqued when someone I knew and trusted explained to me how beneficial oils have been to her and her family. So I did more research (that is, I spent more time on Google with a glass of wine in hand) and everything kept leading me back to Young Living

Young Living Essential Oils – THE LIFE IN BETWEEN – Member Number 11204646

Join me on my journey – to learn together, and to live healthier, happier lives – and take 24% off of every purchase when you become a wholesale member! (If you wanna, you can even make money! Whaaa...!?)

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What!? Why!?

"Why" #1: Years (and years) ago I walked into a popular beauty/skincare store and asked which product would be best for my skin type (oily, and at that time prone to breakouts). I was introduced to a line of tea tree oil products which I then enjoyed the benefits of for a few years. The products contained many other synthetic ingredients though (most of which I couldn't pronounce), and eventually my skin started breaking out again. I found myself back at square one, so switched products, which worked for awhile before my skin broke out again, and so on. When we moved to Vienna, my skin absolutely freaked out. For almost five years I tried to find the product that would work best for my complexion (still oily and prone to some blemishes; in Vienna's winters, dry and itchy; also newly exposed to city air: dust, smoke, muck, etc.). I finally settled on a popular brand of cleanser that I'd been too cheap to try in the past, and then remembering how well my skin had responded to tea tree oil, also found a drug-store brand of tea tree oil ointment for spot treatment. I was breaking the bank in the name of cleaner, healthier skin though, and we're missionaries! It made me feel guilty, spending our money on skincare products. I needed to find a more cost-effective solution, and preferably one that didn't contain a bunch of synthetic junk. That quest led me to Young Living.

"Why" #2: Rewind. When I became pregnant with our first son, I cut caffeine completely (!!!), hardly ate any sugar (!!!) – if you know me, you know that these two facts mean I was serious about being healthy!!! – and I stopped taking any form of medication, even if my doctor told me it was safe to take. I experienced some annoying head discomfort from cutting the caffeine and sugar, which of course was only in addition to the other aches that come along with most pregnancies, but I didn't want to take any medicine to ease the pain. I became interested in aromatherapy then, and found a line of aromatherapy products from another popular beauty/skincare store. I started using a peppermint-blend roll-on on my temples, and since I had a stressful job at the time, also used a eucalyptus/spearmint roll-on. Of course the oils in both of those products were heavily diluted with other synthetic ingredients as well, but they did the job for the time I had them, and to be honest I wasn't really one to read labels back then. (Shame on pregnant me!) Just recently, I was experiencing some really intense pressure around my temples and the back of my neck. (I blame winter.) Something made me recall those roll-ons that I had used so very long ago, and I started looking into how I could get my hands on something like that again. That quest led me to Young Living.

Every search kept leading me back to Young Living! So I decided to start taking essential oils seriously, because I already knew they worked. Now it's just a matter of educating myself on how each of these pure oils work, and learning which oils and blends will work best for my family and for myself in order for us to lead healthier, chemical-free lives!

But, Why Young Living?

"Why" #3: Late last autumn, my toddler's nose became really stuffed up. It was so nasty – he wasn't catching on to the concept of blowing out of his nose, so everything kept building up to the point where he would cough and choke on his... stuff... and he'd wake himself up at night, vomiting nasty nose-and-throat gunk. So gross, I know. Sorry. I promise I have a point. The whole family ended up getting sick at the same time then, too. We needed relief. We got a cool mist humidifier, which we figured would help all of us. The humidifier did help a bit with our coughing, but again I started searching for more specific natural remedies, and guess what turned up in my searches? Yes. Essential oils. And when I started looking into different oil grades, quality, ethics, etc., every search led me back to Young Living's therapeutic grade pure essential oils.

"Why" #4: When I finally decided to give real essential oils a try, I was really turned off by the idea of having to order them and have them shipped to me (can you say "instant gratification?"). So, knowing Vienna – and, I guess Europe in general – and how much they love their natural remedies (Over-the-counter drugs are not a thing in Vienna. I've heard that Drs will even prescribe tea sometimes before they'll prescribe medication.), I figured there had to be a shop around here somewhere that sold quality oils. I started at a nearby pharmacy, and was pleased to see a small selection of oils there. The oils I found were very decently priced, which should have clued me in to their lesser quality (you get what you pay for!), but I was just excited to have found something to start with. I also thought that if they're at the pharmacy, they must be great, right? So I took home a small stone diffuser, and peppermint and lavender oils. After using the peppermint and lavender oils for a couple of days with the stone diffuser, I decided to purchase a couple more bottles (at those prices I could have purchased almost the whole line, after all!). The pharmacy's selection was really limited, so I browsed a nearby organic store, and found the same brand of oils there with a greater selection. I added eucalyptus, orange, and lemon to our collection, and picked up a nice little diffuser/humidifier. I went back to Google and searched for more ways to use our new oils besides diffusing, since I knew it was an option if I ever became brave enough. Almost every recipe or DIY solution I found on blogs or Pinterest referred to Young Living though and really stressed the importance of the grade and purity of oils, so I became curious and did some searching on the brand of oils I had found locally. After finding almost no information on them, I took that as a bad sign, and decided to finally invest in a Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I knew oils were about to become a big part of my family's life, so I wanted to make sure that I was using the best quality oils available.

Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.
— Seed to Seal Website

Probably most of the Young Living family will tell you that the Seed to Seal® promise is what sealed the deal for them. (See what I did, there?) And to be honest, that's really what did it for me, too. As I understand it, a bottle of an essential oil can be labeled as 100% pure even if what is in the bottle isn't 100% pure oil. There are different grades of oils, therapeutic being the highest standard, purest grade of essential oil. However, some companies will claim "therapeutic grade" even if they're not. (Sad truth.) That's because the term "therapeutic grade" isn't certified by the FDA, so it's a claim that anyone can make freely. That's why it's so important to look into the companies you're buying from. Young Living is the brand I trust.

Join me on my journey – to learn together, and to live healthier, happier lives – and take 24% off of every purchase when you become a wholesale member! (If you wanna, you can even make money! Whaaa...!?)

Just use my Member No. 11204646 when you sign up!

I’ve decided to start taking essential oils seriously because I already know they work. Now it’s just a matter of educating myself on how each of these pure oils work, and learning which oils and blends will work best for my family and for myself in order for us to lead healthier, chemical-free lives!

My experience is minimal, and I've been trying to make peace with the fact that I'll never be an expert. In fact, I'm not sure it's possible for anyone to become an essential oil expert. (Except maybe D. Gary Young!) I've been doing some serious reading-up though, and have been testing and experimenting with different Young Living oils and blends in my home and on my family and myself in order to become more educated. After all, everyone's bodies are different and will react in different ways, so I've found that the best way to learn how each oil works is to safely and with caution try the oils out! I have learned so much already, and the whole family's health has benefited in such a short time! I'm really excited to start turning our home and health around with essential oils.



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