Uncovering Your Creativity // Guest Post

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard from friends, “Oh you’re so creative, I wish I could do that,” or “I’m just not creative enough to do something like that.”

Let me just tell you something right now. YOU ARE.

I don’t want to hear that negative talk! We’ve all got a creative bone (or two) in our bodies, and it just takes practice to find out where yours is. I 100% believe that every single person is creative. The beauty of creativity is that it changes with each individual. So you be you!

Uncovering Your Creativity // Guest Post on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Don’t be held back by trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Nothing kills creativity faster than comparison. Your creative outlet doesn’t have to be what’s trending on Instagram or Pinterest right now – it just needs to be whatever makes you happy.

I know what you’re asking now – how can you find your creative bone? Here are some things to try:


Try just pouring out your heart into a notebook – I bet it helps you feel inspired! Try asking yourself:

  1. What am I passionate about? What do I enjoy doing?

  2. What am I good at? What skills do I have?

Trying New Things

I don’t think there is anything more inspiring than trying new things. Open up that DIY board on Pinterest and actually try some tutorials! Maybe you’ll realize you love it. Or pull out those dusty paintbrushes and sit in front of a blank canvas and see what happens.

Uncovering Your Creativity // Guest Post on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

And in case you need to be persuaded to spend some time creating:

Why You Should Create

  1. Creating is therapeutic. If you’re going through something (and aren’t we all because life is HARD), doing something that you enjoy is good medicine for your soul. I think of it as doing something that makes me feel most like myself.

  2. Creating makes you feel like the best version of yourself. God gave us these crazy creative gifts, and we gotta use them! When you’re using everything God’s given you for His glory - that’s being who you were meant to be.

  3. Creating brings joy to your life and to others’ lives, which might be the best part! It’s a de-stresser for you, and others are inspired by the sight of a woman doing what she loves. Creating can change the world.

If you do something creative this week, post it on Instagram and use #mycreativebone so I can see what you’re up to!

Uncovering Your Creativity // Guest Post on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Audrey White, Guest Blogger on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Hi friends, I'm Audrey! I believe that everyone has a creative bone, and I want to help you find it and inspire you to use it. Oh and in case you were wondering, I'm a twenty-year-old blogger and designer, and a lover of Jesus, travel, DIYs, hand lettering, succulents, stripes, and tea. Thank you for joining me!

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