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Today's Prompt: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

Thanks to this prompt I just spent way more time on Pinterest than I ever have before! Pinterest never has had a real hold on me like it has for so many... well, that was the case until about 45 minutes ago

I think -- I hope -- everyone's style evolves over time. Mine has, for sure. In fact, the other day I had two friends help me purge my closet. We ended up filling (and I mean filling) two garbage sacks with clothes and bags that I no longer wear or need. I plan to donate it all to refugees housed in Vienna. That is, after I go through my shoes, too

Somehow, even in just three years, my style has changed so drastically that I'm getting rid of almost everything I came here with. Also, I'm trying to minimize, and what better way to do so than by a closet overhaul?

So anyway, I decided the best way to respond to today's prompt was to make a little photo collage, because when it comes to style, obviously it's better to show instead of to tell. And, you guessed it: all of these photos are from Pinterest.

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WHAT ABOUT YOU? When was the last time you went through your closet and got rid of things you didn't need? Maybe it's time to do that now! And tell me in the comments what you do or don't like in the photos I selected above! ↴

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