Reader Feature // February Freebies

Oooooh, a new series, friends! (Cue the dancing lady and confetti emojis!)

When I started offering freebies to my readers, I was really unsure of what the response would be. I knew I wanted to create and offer something original, but didn't know what! I made a few printable lists, which accompanied blog posts, and created a couple of templates for journaling/planning cut-outs, which most seemed to enjoy, but it wasn't until I started offering my watercolored/hand lettered calendars each month that I started to see some real excitement from you, and that made me so happy!

Then I started creating and selling digital hand lettered prints, designs, and journal templates, and I think it goes without saying that I have absolutely loved seeing how you've all been using the items from my digital shop.

Now, since so many of you have been using my little creations in such fun ways, I want to dedicate a blog post to your creativity each month! I'm going to do this for two reasons: 

  1. To thank you for using and enjoying my little creations.
  2. Your creativity will inspire others!
Reader Feature on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

This is how it will work:

Anytime I see a photo on Instagram with the #thelifeinbetween tag (it helps to tag me, @thelifeinbetween, too), I'm going to save the photo, and then near the end of the month I'll choose a few of my favorites to feature in the next Reader Feature post!

As some of you may know, I now have a small Ambassador Team as well, so I'll also be using this series to share a few of their posts in order to give you some more creative inspiration on how to use different items from my shop.

Alright now... let me show you my favorites!





Wow! What an absolute honor. I am so incredibly thankful that God has put me on this creative path, and cannot wait to see where else it'll take me!

Thank you all so much for being such a supportive bunch. I'm so grateful!

Before you go, be sure to download some of the NEW FREEBIES that are AVAILABLE NOW on the Freebie Page!



Tag your photos with #thelifeinbetween on Instagram (it helps to tag me, @thelifeinbetween, too). I'm going to save tagged photos, and then near the end of the month I'll choose a few favorites to feature in the next Reader Feature post!