Playlist // Blog-tember Challenge

Today's Prompt: Put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play.

  1. Staring At The Sun - U2
  2. Always In My Head - Coldplay
  3. Everything's Not Lost - Coldplay
  4. Amsterdam - Coldplay
  5. Midnight - Coldplay
  6. With Or Without You - U2
  7. Wake Up - Leeland
  8. Until The End Of The World - U2
  9. Up With The Birds - Coldplay
  10. Enter This Temple - Leeland

This one isn't really fair, because when we got the new Mac, we didn't move our music over. And this is the only playlist I have on my phone, so this is what we have to work with.

I'm always happy to listen to Coldplay, Leeland, and U2, which is why I made this playlist for myself. For most other music, I have to be "in the mood" for it, so I'll search it out (which means YouTube, or busting out the external hard drive and making some file transfers). Having these three bands readily available always catches my mood though, so it works out perfectly this way!

YOUR TURN: If you could only have three bands at the ready, what would they be? Tell me in the comments! ↴

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