Inserting Journals into Your Traveler's Notebook // YouTube Tutorial


Once upon a time, after several requests, I decided that I'd do my best to please you all with the occasional video tutorial. And now, I'm happy to present to you... THE FIRST OF MANY! Or at least the first of a handful. A toddler's handful. 

Inserting Journals into your Traveler's Notebook // A Youtube Tutorial

As part of her inkDori series, Rebecca at Grace and Salt ink interviewed me to find out why I love her inkDori traveler's notebooks so much, and asked me to explain how I use them. You can click here to read the full interview. The short version is that I have three inkDori traveler's notebooks: one for planning (next week I'm going to be starting a Bullet Journaling Basics series to walk you through that), one for organizing devotional workbooks and bible study journals, and one for note-taking on the go. 

I put together a flip-through of my Slim inkDori (her name is actually Natasha, thank you very much). I am able to fit TEN TN-sized journals in this particular Traveler's Notebook, plus TWO TN-sized organizers. This inkDori is the absolute perfect fit for my devo/bible study life!

You can see here how I'm able to fit them all in:


I would love, love, love to answer any questions you may have! Leave a comment here or on the YouTube video and I'll try to help! ⤵︎