FEATURED // Doodling Through Luke 20 on the Illustrated Faith Blog // Guard Your Heart

This week's Doodling Through The Word post is over on the Illustrated Faith blog! I wrote about guarding our hearts -- even from ourselves -- and about the verses that spoke to me as I read through Luke 20. 

Here's a sample of the post; you can read the rest ⟶here

We can praise in the midst of a storm, or in the midst of mama-chaos, but if it’s not real, heartfelt praise, and if our faith isn’t authentic in the moment, it’s not going to have the Good impact we’re hoping for. If we’re not spending time with God before we do something, that something will not be Good. And if we’re not going before God in our lives, our lives will not produce Good Fruit.

Good seeds can’t be sown by inauthentic faith. Jesus’s character can’t be seen in us when we grumble instead of praise. And most importantly, we’re not sharing the truth when we pretend to serve and worship God for our own personal gain. God can see through it, and I believe others can, too. Sometimes, we have to guard our hearts against our own selves.

LET ME KNOW: When do you most need to guard your heart from yourself? From your own thoughts or desires? ⤵︎

Tawni Sattler

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