Doodling Through Luke 6

Luke 6 is so much about love. All of the Gospels are about love, but particularly as I read Luke 6, Jesus shouted at me from the pages of my Bible the command to love, and especially to love my enemies. 


And without taking a side on any political debate over our rights as human beings, let me just say that I'll forever side with Jesus, no matter how unpopular a vote that is, but I will never use Jesus's words or the words of the Bible to manipulate or to scare anyone into agreeing with me.

I don't believe that scare tactics work when it comes to winning hearts and saving souls. Love (Jesus) is the answer.
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My study Bible says this in reference to Luke 6:35-36:

If God were not kind to the unappreciative and ungodly, where would any of us be? ... we must be kind to all people — showing them God’s love and mercy [not His wrath and judgement, which are His and His alone] — in the hope that they will be saved.
— Charles Stanley

We who know Christ as our Savior are righteous only through Him, not through our biblical or worldly knowledge; our "moral standards"; our words, prayers, or Christian language; or through our actions. 

We are righteous through Jesus, not merely because we know who He is. And being righteous through Him means that we could not ever have been, nor can we ever be righteous without Him. 

Jesus (love) is the answer. Self-righteousness is not what wins battles. - Tweet This!

Tawni Sattler

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