Daily Happiness Series - Question 26

Question 26: What are you thankful for?

My Answer: This is too general of a question! I am thankful for so many things! So let me rephrase it, just for fun...

NEW Question 26: What are you thankful for IN THIS MOMENT?

My Answer: IN THIS MOMENT, I am thankful for coffee, for the way the sunlight comes through the curtains, and for morning cartoons.

I am so thankful that I get to see my parents next week -- they finally booked their flight! -- and I'm thankful that I have some extra time this week to prepare some blog posts in advance. 

In this moment I'm thankful for my journaling bible, for the gift of sometimes-pretty handwriting, and for words. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to interview some super-talented Christian artists for The heART Series, and am thankful for any one heart that is touched by the artists' words. 

I am thankful for music -- for singing, for dancing, and for my two boys who love to do both. 

In this moment, I'm thankful for my warm socks and my cozy sweater, for the quality of pictures my iPhone takes, and for bullet-journaling.

In this moment, I'm thankful that I have the freedom, through this blog, to speak what's on my heart without fear of in-person judgment; I'm thankful for the opportunities, community, and flexibility blogging provides. 

I'm also thankful for nice, warm showers, one of which is next on my to-do list. 

So, bye!

BEFORE YOU GO, THOUGH: Tell me in the comments what you're thankful for IN THIS MOMENT! I can't wait to read your answers! ⤵︎ 

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Tawni Sattler

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