Daily Happiness Series - Question 12

Question 12: Are you doing what you believe in or settling for what you are doing?

My Answer: While at times I doubt myself -- why do I blog? does anyone actually care about what I have to say? why do I try to sell the things I make? do people actually want this stuff? -- while I do have these thoughts, more often than I care to admit, I do believe in the purpose and aim of my blog and my little art shop.

My goal is to impact people with my words and my art -- to inspire you to live more joyfully, and to encourage you to dig deeper into the Word. Not everything I share is all butterflies and rainbows and unicorn poop. On the contrary, I try very hard to "keep it real". But I do want my readers to leave my blog, or my Instagram or Twitter feed, feeling better, not worse, about things in general. And I want my customers to get excited about using my embellishments -- in your journal or planner, or in your Bible, and I want you to get really excited about using something I made to brighten a friend's day.

I want to write and make beautiful things that make this world a bit more beautiful of a place.  

So, yes, I believe in what I'm doing, 100%! And I am beyond grateful that I am able to say that. 

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Tawni Sattler

Tawni is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger, designer, and mama in Vienna, Austria, always with coffee in hand, ice cream in the freezer, and chocolate in her pocket. Authenticity and organized chaos are her love languages.