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I really enjoy these Currently posts because even though they're a glimpse into my life as it is now, they cause me to reflect on where I've been, and where I want to be. So I'll continue the series for another month, thank you very much!

Currently, I am...

Adjusting to the ever-changing situation at home with the one year-old. He's walking now, which is exciting for sure, but it means he's even more mobile than he was before, and you guys, he is so active. He gets into anything and everything he can reach, and our apartment isn't baby-proofed, really. I've got art and journaling supplies all over the place -- organized, but reachable; Kid #1 has his art supplies all over the place; there are drawers with random papers/pictures/books/magazines for the baby to take out and throw all over the floor (one of his favorite past times); and the tv is reachable too, which means finger smudges all over the screen, and a real risk of damage during one of the baby's games called "Let's See How Far I Can Throw This Book, Ball, Block, Remote, Etc." Let's just say that for the next 18+ years, there will never be a time in my life when I'm not adjusting to something that has to do with either Kid #1 or Kid #2.

Anticipating Christmas, obviously! All of my shopping is done, so now I just have to wait for my favorite part (besides Baby Jesus): GIFT GIVING! I mentioned in yesterday's post that I participated in two gift exchanges this season, which ended up being a little much, but picking out the gifts and putting them together was so much fun, actually. I need to get in on some sort of monthly swap with someone, I think.

Buying this journaling Bible. Yes, another journaling Bible! Shout out to Bailey from Brave Love Blog for the heads up on the amazing deal from! 

Cooking a lot of rice and pasta (not together). A lot of potatoes too, actually. And I know potatoes aren't healthy, mostly, but 1) they're easy to cook, 2) you can cook them in approximately five million different ways, and 3) I think they're probably healthier than a lot of other things we could be eating. Oh, do you wanna know a secret? We have a crockpot, which I have never used. Mostly because I don't know what we're having for dinner until the afternoon of the same day, but also because it seems like I'd have to time everything so perfectly, and sometimes our schedules don't allow for that. Any tips? What's your favorite crockpot recipe, with the fewest ingredients?

Organizing Week Two of the Creative Advent Giveaway! There are three prints being given away this week, so if you need something to cover your walls (or to give as a gift!), this week is for you!

Scheduling posts for the next month, a birthday lunch for Kid #1, a trip to the zoo next week (to celebrate said birthday), and life in general. 

Working on it. There are approximately fifteen-thousand things I'm working on, and their statuses are all the same: IN PROGRESS. But I'm giving myself a break, showing myself some grace, and enjoying the work while I do it (you could say I'm whistling while I work).

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What's your life like this week? Tell me in the comments! ⤵︎

Tawni Sattler

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