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Happy Wednesday! On Wednesdays we write Currently posts, so here I am, being cool. Or something. Here's what my life is like today. 

Currently I'm...

Asking for prayer and confirmation. Being a part of the Creative Team for Illustrated Faith has been something on my Try-To-Do List for awhile, and now that it's actually happened, my mind, spirit, and creativity are being attacked. I'm dealing with feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure & judgment, and serious doubt. You guys, when you let the enemy get into your mind, it's d a n g e r o u s, and it takes a serious toll on you. It's taken a lot for me to open up about this and ask for prayer, but I know that is the only effective way to fight back. 

Believing in the power of prayer (see above), and also believing that red cups are red cups, and they could be blue & black or white & gold for all I care. As long as there is caffeine inside of it, I'm believing in the power of The Cup. 

DIYing stickers and paperclips! I went and bought blank white label stickers, and splashed watercolors all over them. I am super happy with the result, and am having a great time utilizing them in my planner and journaling bible! As for the paperclips, I bought some little felt poms and some ribbon & string, and made some frilly and fun paperclips, which my husband is sure he won't be using at school anytime soon. 

Reading nothing because I hardly have time, but trying to read three books and three magazines.

Feeling a bit behind on the Letter It November challenge over on Instagram. If you're a letterer, or a doodler, or a person, this challenge is super fun, and you should join in. It's tough keeping up sometimes, but I think we get a free pass on that because Life Happens. And you don't have to share your work with anyone, really. 

Working on the largest lettering commission I've done so far (it's taken me forever because of nerves, sore wrists, calloused fingers, and crossed eyes), and I will have it done this week, which is a really, really big deal for me. I'm also working on putting together a really fun Advent Giveaway, which I'll host over on Instagram, so GO FOLLOW because you absolutely do NOT want to miss this. It's gonna be huge, and four someones are going to be incredibly blessed. 

Obsessing over this video, because I can't handle how cute this baby of mine is:

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What does your day look like today? Tell me all about it! ⤵︎

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