Blogtember Day 14 // Workspace Mood Board

So close to the halfway mark... I think I can, I think I can...

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 14: Workspace Mood Board

Putting together today's prompt for the #blogtemberchallenge gave me #allthehearteyes, because it gave me an(other) excuse to browse Pinterest for some pretty pictures to drool over! 

I like my workspace the way it is, yes, and plan to share a workspace tour soon. However, there's always room for improvement when it comes to organization, and a girl can dream, can't she? The photos I've put together here should give you an idea of my overall style (minimalist, modern) and taste (neutral, neutral, neutral, pop of color, neutral). 

Someday, someday...


Blogtember Day 14: Workspace Mood Board

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 14: Workspace Mood Board

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