Daily Happiness Series - Question 4

Question 4: Time or Money? Q4

My Answer: I'm just going to paste here what I used as my answer when I asked this question on Instagram awhile back: Listen. I know we all automatically respond with 'time' because we desire more of it (and because it sounds better and feels better than saying 'money'). But if you automatically responded with what you desire more of -- time or money -- take a moment to consider what you're striving more towards, or how you are spending the time that you currently have. Is your time being spent in the moment, enjoying your life, loving your families, caring for the world? Or is your time spent worrying, working for money, planning, scheduling, and maintaining order? Instead of responding to the question Time or Money? with what you desire more of, respond honestly with what your heart has been focused on more lately, and adjust accordingly.


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