Daily Happiness Series - Question 3

Question 3: Have you done something worth remembering lately? Q3

My Answer: I'm actually typing this on the Thursday before it'll post. And today, Thursday the 25th of June, I did something worth remembering. I posted my first sale of handmade journaling/prayer cards, and I sold two sets within only a few hours. You guys. Immediately after I pressed Publish, or Send, or whatever the button is on Instagram, my stomach did a somersault and my heart almost stopped. I had a terrible, anxious feeling in my gut, and felt like I'd made a huge mistake. I had put myself out there for serious rejection. I worked hard on those pieces! I spent money on the supplies, I spent time on the process, and I put my heart into the artwork. If not a single set sold, how was I supposed to respond? What would that mean to me? But you know what -- I did it anyway. I put myself out there. I put my work out there. I put my heart out there. And even if the first two I sold are the only two I sell, I was brave today. And that's something worth remembering.


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Tawni Sattler

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