OMG Where Have I Been!?

Oh my Lord it's been almost forever since I last updated this little spot on the internet. I am really good at keeping up on Instagram and I'm okay at keeping up on my personal Facebook page, but beyond that, if it's not as simple as taking, editing, and sharing a quick photo, nope, no thank you, no time, no way. I plan to change that. In part because we finally replaced our ancient laptop with a newer model, but also because life is kind of getting back to what some may call normal. So, I'm back. Kind of. Almost. I have some posts planned but, ha, I have to take some pictures first.

In the meantime, have a look around. I'm working on changing a few things here and there on the blog, in order to make this corner of our world easier for all of us to navigate.

See you soon!


Tawni Sattler

Tawni is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger, designer, and mama in Vienna, Austria, always with coffee in hand, ice cream in the freezer, and chocolate in her pocket. Authenticity and organized chaos are her love languages.