Finding The Sweet Moments | 13 Dec, 2014

It's been awhile since I've written anything. Partly because I've been so busy, but also because, to be honest, I've been fairly uninspired lately. I have everything in the world to be thankful for: a loving, hard-working husband; two beautiful boys that bring loads of joy; food; clothing; a home; etc. I even had time to do some Christmas shopping this week, and our home is decorated with all things Christmasy, which, along with Christmas music playing on repeat and some lit scented candles, always brings such joy at this time of year. Sometimes it's so hard to find the Sweet Moments though, isn't it? I mean, that's why I started this series and link-up in the first place -- to encourage myself, and to hold myself accountable to find joy in something every day. Even if it was just one thing.

This is my favorite time of year. And I'm not unhappy -- in fact, I'm expecting this to be the best Christmas yet, since we've got a new little addition to the family, now! But the reason for my absence here lately, particularly on the Sweet Saturdays page, is that I've been caught up in the memories of some things from my past, and they're weighing heavily on me. I've been drafting some posts, which I may or may not share with anyone, but I'm finding that writing it all out has been pretty helpful in releasing myself of the binding chains and of the weight that this story bears on my shoulders. I know I need to keep my eyes on Jesus, and I need to pray more diligently for wisdom on whether or not to share my story. It could have great impact, both good and bad, on many people. But I need God's guidance.

This brings me to my modest list of the sweet things I'll share this week:

  • I'm beyond grateful for some friends I've met online, through #fireworkpeople. I've been able to seek guidance from women there who know nothing of my past, and a lot of times you need people like that in your life. Two women, in particular, have been very encouraging and have been holding my hand as I take a walk through my past. There are some experiences in each one's story that don't need to be dredged up, but sometimes a sad story can have a wonderful impact on someone, and can provide strength. So these two women are helping me to discern which category my story falls under.
  • The happiest place on earth: Ikea. We live just four short bus stops away from an Ikea, which makes decorating-life pretty easy, especially at Christmas-time.
  • I am SO thankful for Netflix these last couple of weeks. When you're too much in your head, it's nice to be able to just turn your mind off and get lost in a few (or a LOT of) episodes of Dexter, or Prison Break, or The Killing, or Fargo, or Blue Planet, or... Plus there's the added bonus of Christmas movies right now!
  • Son #1 turned six last week, and we celebrated by taking a trip to the zoo. I love the zoo.
  • I've actually been able to find time to do some watercoloring and doodling. This time I made some fun bookmarks and handmade cards. I'm the furthest thing from a professional -- I don't know anything technical about painting or lettering -- but it's fun, mindless, and is a nice stress-reliever.
  • love Christmas shopping. I love shopping, period, and I really enjoy giving gifts, so having an acceptable excuse to go shopping and give gifts is great. (Although, I don't think you ever really need an "acceptable excuse" to give a gift.)
  • New makeup. It gets me every time. I almost hope to run out of makeup, so I can go get myself some new stuff! I try to stick to the same brand, but eventually packaging and presentation of another brand win me over and I have to try something new. (I'm a sucker.)
  • All of Amy Grant's Christmas albums, and the SheDaisy Christmas album. REPEAT.

Take some time in the next couple of days to reflect on this past week. Even if it was a tough week, try to recall something that made you smile or gave you a dose of joy. Click here to link up, or leave a comment below! Spread joy by sharing your joys.

P.S. Starbucks is handing out scratch-tickets to all customers, so, that's pretty sweet, too.

Tawni Sattler

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