Sweet Saturdays | 14 Nov, 2014

Son #1 is humming to himself as he folds up a paper airplane. Son #2 is napping in his bassinet. My husband is out getting some food for us to eat. So what better time to reflect on what I have to be thankful for this week? #sweetmoments

  • I'm thankful for scented candles. Yes, again. And yes, I'm allowed to be thankful for scented candles every week.
  • I got to shower twice this week. That's a big deal for a mama of an almost-6-year-old and a 3-week-old. So, yeah, you can pat me on the back, now.
  • While I still haven't found the time to paint my nails (insert sad face here), I've been able to file them down and give them a little bit of a treatment, so I'm feeling pretty fancy right about now.
  • Finally, after having to miss it twice before, I got to take Son #1 to his Laternenfest at school this week. My husband wasn't able to come, so this was my first solo event with both kids. Now listen: getting a kindergartener and a newborn (plus accessories) out of the house on time, and looking "decent" myself, after not having showered in I-won't-say-how-long, is challenging. The timing of the whole evening was hilariously awful, too. Right when the program started, the baby woke up from a too-short nap, and between messy diapers and very urgent hunger, let's just say I was very fortunate to see the bit of the program that I did. And for all of my trouble, the whole program was only a half hour long! It was great though, what I did see! I only wish I had three hands (or four or five) so I could've gotten pictures or a video. Of the whole evening, probably, for comedy's sake.
  • We were able to go leaf collecting twice this week! I still haven't decided what we'll do with all of the beautiful fall leaves we have now. Maybe I can make up some sort of leaf craft for the big kid. Any ideas?
  • Peppermint tea.
  • Fall is beautiful.
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  • Oversized sweaters, people. Oversized sweaters.
  • Forever thankful for shoes, scarves, purses, beautiful diaper bags, and my baby's gorgeous stroller (or wagon, or buggy, whatever).
  • Son #1 just got through "teaching" Son #2 some worship songs. My heart exploded, so excuse me while I pick up the pieces. While I'm cleaning up, why don't you use this time to link-up your own Sweet Saturdays post?

Tawni Sattler

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