Mama's Little Baby | Sweet Saturdays | 31 Oct, 2014

Well, anyway, here I am, with my first real post since the little baby came to life two Tuesdays ago, on 21 Oct, 2014. And since he's currently sleeping peacefully in his bassinet, I'll count that at Sweet Moment #1. As for the rest:

  • Liam Gabriel's favorite song at the moment is Broken Vessels by Hillsong. In his entire 1.5 weeks of living, singing or humming the song to him hasn't failed once to calm him and to eventually allow him to drift off to sleep. What can I say? Our babies have got great taste in music. (Our first could only fall asleep when our Beatles collection was on shuffle.)
  • Jackson, the big brother, is adjusting well. He's having to learn a whole new level of gentleness, which proves tough sometimes for a rambunctious 5yo boy, but he's doing a great job, and you can tell how much he loves his baby brother. (Besides, we all must admit there's a bit of a learning curve, in every aspect, when it comes to newborns. For all of us.)
  • Daddy's fallen in love all over again. Does it get any more beautiful than a grown man lovingly staring at and cuddling a tiny baby? Probably not.
  • My husband's had this whole week off, which has been absolutely wonderful, as I'm still quite sore from the c-section and have needed help, physically, many times. He's been the house-cleaner, errand-runner, dinner-preparer, and everything-in-between this week. We're sad he'll have to be back to work next week, so we're savoring every bit of downtime we have together. (I.e., we're taking a lot of naps.)

from Instagram: @mulberrypressco

  • Starbucks Discoveries (those pre-mixed coffee drinks at the grocery store) have been this week's heroes.
  • Jackson has been making his own sandwiches lately. He's very proud of himself. Just butter and cheese (and the butter is destroyed after he's taken the butter knife to it) but, independence is golden.
  • While the baby was napping, I was able to remove my nasty nail polish and give myself some mani-love. No polish this time, but at least my fingers are looking healthy. (Seriously, this Sweet Moments stuff is sometimes about the littlest things.)
  • Dry shampoo, y'all. Dry shampoo.

And finally, this week's (and a little of last week's) absolute sweetest moments require no words:

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