Sweet Saturdays | 17 Oct, 2014

Here we are again, with week two of the Sweet Saturdays link-up! I'll get right to it. This week has been wonderful.

  • I've been catching up on some much-needed sleep, which is a big deal to this pregnant mama. Our baby is scheduled to arrive on Oct 21st (yes, I said 'scheduled' -- we've scheduled a c-section due to complications we had last time). That is in FOUR DAYS, people!
  • I posted my first DIY tutorial, even though seriously, anyone could DIthemselves, and the tutorial probably was not even necessary. It was fun to put together, though.
  • We celebrated my husband's birthday! Wahoo! (A real excuse to eat three scoops!)

My goofballs on my husband's birthday. Post Eis.

  • I found three more scented candles on sale. I mean... it was simply not possible to pass them up.
  • The baby's diaper bag is officially packed. I just have a couple more things I'd like to throw into my own hospital bag, but if I had to, I could live off of what's already in there for a couple of days. So in other words, this time, I am prepared.
  • I met a friend and her precious baby girl for lunch. Sweetest mama in the world, she is.
  • One of my favorite moments of every week is when it's time for my husband and I to select worship songs for Sunday mornings. We get to have a little worship session in our living room, and usually our 5yo joins in.
  • I received the sweetest baby shower gift ever: a handmade book filled with wishes for the baby! So precious, and we'll treasure it forEVER.
  • I found a new scarf (also on sale!). When I brought it home to introduce it to its new family, I realized I may have one or two too many scarves. Then I laughed at myself, because the theory of "too many scarves" is a myth.
  • Fall has officially made its way to our part of Vienna.
  • My son raced in the garden across from his school one afternoon. And when I say 'race', I mean he ran laps around trees. It was absolutely adorable, and I felt like he wasn't so grown up anymore. Until he came back and we had deep, meaningful conversations, and he turned back into a 5yo going on 30.
  • Our pastor and his wife came over, and our pastor helped with odd jobs around the apartment. So thankful for him. And his wife? Oh my gosh. There aren't even words. God really knew what He was doing when He brought those two together. #powercouple #dynamicduo #perfecttogether They stayed and visited for a bit and prayed over me before they left.
  • You guys. I was able to have lunch with my husband during the week! There was a half-day at the school where he teaches, and although he did have to go back to get some work done afterwards, we were able to share a couple of hours together in the city, sans-child. This is rare, folks.
  • I also went on a lunch date with my son after picking him up from school one day. I figure since we can count the number of days until he'll cease to be an only child, we'd better savor these moments.
  • My son is currently laughing in his sleep.

That about sums it up for me. What sort of Sweet Moments did you collect this week? Comment below, or link-up your own post on the Sweet Saturdays page!

Tawni Sattler

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