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sq_diy_watercolorjournal I've been receiving requests for a tutorial on my journaling process. Let me tell you: it is super simple and absolutely no skill is required. I really don't know what I'm doing as far as the painting goes (or the lettering, for that matter) -- I just got it in my head one day to start this, and it's been really fun, and has been a great way to memorize scripture and devo quotes!

I've done my best to show you the process through pictures. Please ask questions and leave comments. Pro-tips would be gladly accepted!

The Journal:

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Set-up and Supplies:

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Paint on only ONE SIDE of each page, and leave the opposite page for your journaling. I always paint on the right side. Probably because I'm right-handed.

Honestly, there is no skill required here, as all of you true artists will be able to see. I've learned not to use too much water, and I've learned that mixing colors makes it more fun. Overlapping pure colors on the page always produces my favorite results (beautifully messy).

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Journaling and Lettering:

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The Result:

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And you can click here to see a quick video montage I posted on Instagram of my first journal, after I'd completed painting.

Do try this at home! Then share your results with me, because I'd love to see how everyone's journals turn out!

Also, the Sweet Saturdays link-up is open again tomorrow! Have you been collecting Sweet Moments this week?

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