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Just Another "Currently" Post

Thinking  I think I kind of want spring rolls for dinner (we're having potato soup). I think my son has too many Transformer and dinosaur toys, and he needs a haircut. I think, outside of a paid job, when I need to do something -- like when I have a deadline -- I'm more likely to wait until the night before. When I do not need to do something -- even if it's the same thing, just without the deadline -- I'm more inclined to rip through it. Examples: book reviews, book clubs, Bible studies, creating art prints, purchasing gifts, decorating the nursery (eek!). Anyone else with me on that? Lastly, I think I should've taken a nap today.


Making  Right now I'm working on painting in my next journal! Since I'm tearing through the journaling portion of the one I finished painting just weeks ago, I'm getting a head start on painting my next one (there's no deadline!). Also, as a favor to some Instagram friends, I'll be posting a short picture tutorial of my process (my NO SKILL REQUIRED process, that is) in the next couple of days. I'm also putting finishing touches on the baby's room. I do have a deadline for that project, and really need to stop putting it off. He'll be here next week!

Wearing  Black. I'm currently always wearing black. I wore black today, yesterday, the day before, and so on. And I will wear more black tomorrow. Black is slimming -- we all know this -- and especially when you're 9 months pregnant, all-black-all-the-time is really your best bet. I do throw in an accent color here and there, in my scarves, shoes/boots, and open cardigans. But black pants (leggings for this preggo) and a black tank-top are my current uniform.

Anticipating  Well, we've got a c-section scheduled for next Tuesday, so I'm kind of anticipating the outcome of that whole thing. Also, last week I requested some help in keeping this site active while I'm taking care of my newborn (and the rest of us). I received such an overwhelming response and am feeling so blessed by the communities I've found in The Peony Project and #fireworkpeople. I'm very excited to share their gifts with my readers. There are some very powerful words coming your way!

Thankful for  Gosh, so many things. My heart overflows. I'm thankful for you, my readers, for encouraging me to keep writing and for your lovely comments on and off the site. I'm thankful for our church family. Without them I would feel very lost and lonely here, so far from "whence we came". I'm thankful for hot tea and for scented candles, for nail polish, for oversized sweaters, and for soft, fuzzy blankets. I'm thankful for music. So thankful for music. I'm thankful for my little family, a family that is growing by two feet in a week. I'm thankful for everything surrounding me right now -- my husband sits across from me running through worship songs for tomorrow morning and for Sunday, and my son sits on the couch watching toy reviews on YouTube (he's a silly kid). There are toys strewn across the living room floor; I need to dust and vacuum; the computer I'm on is ancient, overheating, and hissing at me; there's a clementine peel wrapped in a paper towel, left over from this morning, which needs to be taken to the trash; there's a cloth shopping bag on the couch, full of things I brought home from the store hours ago, begging me to empty it and to put everything away, and I'm thankful for all of these things -- these little messes that make our house apartment a home.

Tawni Sattler

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