What the World Needs Now


Hey. Godly ambition is not a sin. If God is calling you to it, how could you say no? And how could you not give it everything you've got? He calls little people to do big things all of the time. It's one of His favorite things to do, I think!

If you're feeling called into something, go do it. And do it with all your might.

Be a cheerleader. Do not put anyone else down for wanting to fulfill their calling! There is enough negativity and doubt probably already running through their head -- they don't need people judging their gifts, ambitions, or dreams.

Love your neighbor.

I don't know if any of you struggle with a fear of ambition like I do sometimes. Maybe you feel like your dreams are unattainable, or you're afraid that if you succeed, you will be judged somehow. Maybe you lack support, or don't receive encouragement or words of affirmation from loved ones, or from your "inner circle". You say to yourself, If they're not supporting me, and cheering me on, why would anyone else? Maybe I'm being foolish by even trying!

We need to be bold. Be brave. We're warriors, and we are allowed to succeed


Something the Greater Devotional said during my last reading really spoke to me.

Be set free: it's not a sin to want to be the best at what you do. It's okay for you to want to achieve as much as you can with your life for the sake of the God who gave it to you. I sincerely doubt God is going to look at you at the end of our life and say, "You did too much for Me." But I do sincerely believe that God is going to look at many people and say, "You were too falsely humble for your own good and for the good of countless people you could have impacted if you'd had a little more ambition."

Don't let anyone ever tell you that ambition is necessarily synonymous with arrogance. Godly ambition is what God uses to do greater things in our world.

Tawni Sattler

Tawni is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger, designer, and mama in Vienna, Austria, always with coffee in hand, ice cream in the freezer, and chocolate in her pocket. Authenticity and organized chaos are her love languages.