Sweet Saturdays | 10 Oct, 2014

1 Honestly, you guys, being intentionally grateful every day makes for a great week!

I hope anyone who's been following along with this new link-up has experienced the same side-effects as I have! [Side effects may include joy, happiness, an increase in tolerance, the ability to see daily life through "grateful lenses", a thankful spirit, a lack of bitterness, and a severe decrease in disappointment.]

There were so many little things -- and a few big things, too! -- that I found myself jotting down every evening this week. I once again ran out of room on the page I had dedicated to my Sweet Moments, even as my handwriting became increasingly smaller! I absolutely will not list everything I was grateful for, for fear of putting you readers into a boredom-coma, but for the sake of the challenge, here's a condensed version of this week's Sweet Moments list:

  • I wore a floral scarf and gave myself (yet another) new manicure.
  • I made one last Ikea trip (haha, yeah right, it won't be the last) to put the finishing touches on the new baby's nursery. Our new-to-us glider is now ready to be snuggled on.
  • While I was at Ikea, some cookies were YELLING AT ME to eat them, so I bought them and I ate them.
  • My son hurt his foot and was limping around like his leg was broken, but he still insisted on helping me carry my bags after I picked him up from school. He has such a sweet servant's heart. (His foot is much better, by the way. It was just a poorly-placed bruise.)
  • I met a friend/mentor for coffee. There were laughs. ♡
  • I found some yum-yum-yummy soaps at the store for only €0.45. I bought five. (I like to pretend I'm fancy when I use yummy soaps, but let's face it. If it's more than €0.45, I'm out.)
  • My son played Legos in just his undies, a t-shirt, and a handmade cape (blanket).
  • My husband and I were cracking up about something (as usual) right around our son's bedtime, so he came out of his room fake-laughing, and said he wanted to "stay up a little bit later to laugh with [us]."
  • On Wednesday I stayed in my jammies until 1:30pm, when I absolutely had to leave the house. As soon as I got home I changed back into the same jammies. It was heavenly.
  • Giant cup of hot Lotus Tea.
  • Parks and Rec catch-up.
  • Scented candles (duh).
  • I was featured as a guest writer at GLOW: Live as Light. Before the post was published, I prayed for even just one person to be touched by the words God had given me. As could have been predicted, I was starting to feel self-conscious, and as if my words weren't enough, when I read this comment by a GLOW reader:

This touched me in a way that I can’t even begin to explain. All I can say with a grateful heart and tears streaming down my face is, “thank You Jesus!” I am saving this so that I can come back to it often.

  • I cried when I read that comment. Prayer: Answered.
  • Our son started flute lessons. It's lovely. It's adorable, but, well, you know.
  • Clementines, frozen grapes, and orange Tic-Tacs.

So, how about you? What sort of Sweet Moments did you collect this week?

Link-up on the Sweet Saturdays page! Not a blogger? Not a problem! Just leave a comment and share with us what you were encouraged by this week! What made you smile? Laugh? What warmed your heart?

My prayer is that through this weekly challenge, we'll all become more grateful in the "every day". We'll see more beauty, we'll laugh more, we'll just shake our heads and smile instead of losing our cool with our kids or spouses, we'll savor downtime (and uptime!), and most of all, we'll pass it on. Let's spread joy! Be encouraged, and be an encourager!

Tawni Sattler

Tawni is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger, designer, and mama in Vienna, Austria, always with coffee in hand, ice cream in the freezer, and chocolate in her pocket. Authenticity and organized chaos are her love languages.