Sweet Moments [Self Challenge]


Perhaps, each of us will find that... we lived a more glorious and extravagant life merely because we were intentional about collecting and appreciating moments.

So, here's what my week's going to look like:

I'm accepting the challenge from the fabulous ladies over at Coast To Coast Central, and am keeping a list of "sweet moments" -- moments throughout each day this week that made me smile, made my day a little more beautiful, and made me a little more grateful to be who/what/where I am.

I'm taking the challenge a little more seriously than was suggested, maybe, but I expect to have a very happy week as a result, and would love for you to play along! I'll be using the hashtag #C2CCSweetMoments, because hashtags are fun and should be added to everyone's list of happy things.


Don't know what to put on your list? Well, it can be as simple as having enough time to straighten your hair this morning, or the smell of your morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee, or a stranger smiling at you on the bus. It can be as profound as an exciting revelation you had during your Bible Study, a new baby, or the news of a loved one being cancer-free.

My Day 1 moments included:

  • Our 5 year-old son giggling in his sleep tonight while I was doing my Bible Study. This was even after he'd been scared half to death by his first viewing of Gremlins (great idea, Daddy).
  • We received the BEST CARE PACKAGE EVER today, from my parents, including a load of baby items for the new guy due in just a few weeks, and a very decent haul of goodies for the Big Brother (and for Mommy & Daddy!).
  • The baby's nursery is this close to being finished.
  • Our 5 year-old put on puppet shows for me after school today. It was the cutest thing ever.

What will your list include?

Here's a link to the original post. Check it out (and check out all of the other amazing things they're doing at Coast To Coast Central, while you're at it, okay?)


Tawni Sattler

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