Joy [Blogtember Challenge: Day 2]


18kxf6 This month I'm participating in a blogging challenge, led by Bailey Jean Robert over at the Brave Love blog. Yesterday was Day 1, and the prompt was to write an About Me post. I'm absolutely terrible at About Mes (see mine if you need proof). So, I started the challenge by failing, but today is a new day, and Day 2's prompt is to write about what makes me happy, "from the little joys to the huge game-changers." (Let's use this as an About Me, shall we?)

One thing I find joy in is list-making, and this is a perfect opportunity to write in list-form, so, here we go! The list isn't in any particular order, and my "joys" are mixed up in regards to how little or huge they are. I'm kind of just spewing words, at this point.

  • Painting My Nails -- I've always been a fan of nail polish and of cute, simple nail art (nothing too fancy), but was always too lazy to even paint my nails just one color, until just a few years ago. A bonus is that my nails and cuticles, and all that, are much healthier now that I'm more into painting them and making them pretty -- I think the obsession stems from being a former nail-biter. If I go too long without fresh polish, I'm afraid I'll start biting again (GROSS).
  • Scotch Tape -- I have a weird thing about playing with Scotch tape when I'm watching TV or a movie at home, or even sometimes when I'm reading. I like to wrap it and unwrap it from around my fingers over and over again until it loses its "stick", at which point I pull a new piece off and start the process over. With fresh nails, this habit has subsided a little, but I'm still into it, and at any point you'd probably be able to find pile a nicely folded, used pieces of Scotch tape on or near our couch. (My husband hates this.) Oh, I'll add that it has to be the fatter kind, not the skinny, and it absolutely must be matte.
  • Son #1 -- Of course my son brings me joy! Right now on my mind though is how much he loves and cares for other people. He is a servant, for sure. He loves being a "big helper" to whomever needs it, whether they've asked for help or not. (This'll come in very handy, I think, when Son #2 arrives next month.) I love seeing his servant's heart in action.
  • Son #2 -- He's not here yet, but he's already bringing joy by constantly reminding me that he will be here soon. This is one active baby. At first he moved mostly at night (right around the time when I'd decide to go to sleep), but the last couple of weeks it's been non-stop, from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, and even then he's still moving because it takes me for-EVER to find a comfortable position in bed.
  • Cracking My Back -- It's what heaven will feel like, I'm sure of it.
  • Purses and Shoes and Fall Fashion -- I am a woman.
  • The She Reads Truth Community -- I've read and re-read so much of God's Word, but with the women behind and the readers of SRT there to back me up, to challenge me, and to lift me up and give me encouragement, The Bible feels more alive today than it has for me in a very long time.
  • Doodling -- A very, very long-time favorite. I wish I could say that I've improved over time, but, no. I still love it though.
  • PhotoGrid_1409693759938Organization -- If ever I have to go back to work and it's not possible to work with kids, like I do now when I volunteer at ICSV, I will work in an office again. A well-run office, too, thank you. I love office supplies, I love an organized work station, and I love spreadsheets.
  • Bored yet?
  • Music -- Do I really have to explain this one? Singing, listening (especially to U2, Leeland, and Coldplay), and occasionally playing. My husband and I used to write a lot too, but that's kind of been put on hold.
  • Reading -- Oh my gosh, an all-time favorite. I'll read just about anything you put in front of me, unless it's a math textbook (only put that in front of me if you want me to promptly vomit all over it for you).
  • My Husband -- Duh. We've been (living) together for 12 years, married for 7. I can't imagine a life without him. I love everything about him, and we've been through so much together (including salvation), but right now on my mind is his sense of humor. I don't even know where to start. He's a goof, can quote more movies (and Friends episodes) than anyone else I know, appreciates terrible '80s music videos, is sarcastic (this is a must), is a little gullible sometimes (so am I), etc. He makes me gut-laugh all of the time, every day. It's perfect.
  • A Long, Hot Shower with New Body Wash -- Because I like to pretend I'm fancy when I have new body wash, even if it's the cheap kind (it's always the cheap kind).
  • Gifting -- Big or small gifts, I love giving them. There is so, so much joy in this for me. It's one of my love languages.
  • Coffee -- More specifically, sitting alone at a busy café in Vienna. Thank you, God.

Okay, that's enough.

Tawni Sattler

Tawni is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger, designer, and mama in Vienna, Austria, always with coffee in hand, ice cream in the freezer, and chocolate in her pocket. Authenticity and organized chaos are her love languages.