Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 3

And after this, Day 3, we'll be all caught up. (Woohoo!)

Day 3 of the #shereadstruth Sermon on the Mount study was a challenge for me. As I read the scripture I noted that my Study Bible says, "Does anyone know that you are a light burning with the fire of heaven? What "good works" do they see you doing that reflect well on your heavenly Father? How does your faith cause you to behave differently from anyone else?" OUCH. Then I reflected on Day 2 in which SRT says, "Let's not believe that our goodness saves us." And of course in today's study SRT asks "Who is getting the glory?" 👌  So I wrote out a "gist translation" for myself: ▶ When we "do good", we do it not to benefit Man or ourselves, but to benefit God's Kingdom. If we're seeking approval through our works or if we are "doing good" because we "have to", we've had our reward. ◀ Then I started singing #Yahweh by #U2 bc duh. A city should be shining on a hill.

She Reads Truth is an incredible online community Bible Study that I just recently joined. I love what they’re doing there, and would invite absolutely anyone (even “He”s) to join in.

Tawni Sattler

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