Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 2

Reflections on Day 2:

So Day 2 of the #shereadstruth Sermon on the Mount study has me a bit giddy. It's pointed out that the promises in the Beatitudes are for later and for right now, and they ALL "hinge on Christ". What a relief it is that we have a savior who LOVES us and WANTS to bless us, and who DOES bless us even though we deserve nothing more than death! I need, need, need, NEED a lot of #Jesus, every day. I also smiled as #God confirmed something personal for me in the paragraph of the study that says that YES we should be peacemakers ✌, humble and pure in heart ♥, and that YES we should be merciful, but that OUR GOODNESS DOES NOT SAVE US!! "He is not just at the top of our list; He IS the list!"

She Reads Truth is an incredible online community Bible Study that I just recently joined. I love what they’re doing there, and would invite absolutely anyone (even “He”s) to join in.

Tawni Sattler

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