Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Minimalist Mama

Can you believe Mother's Day is right around the corner… again!? It seems like 2017 is just flying right on by! 

To help a sister out (or a brother – I know you're reading this, guys!), I've put together a quick, simple list of gift ideas that will honor your mother this season. Keep it simple and from the heart and you can't go wrong!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Minimalist Mama by THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

inkDori by Grace and Salt ink

Everyone knows by now how much I love my own inkDori collection from Grace and Salt ink. I use all three of my inkDoris regularly – for planning, bullet journaling, brain dumping, lettering, etc. To help keep your mama organized and feeling like she's "got her ish together," take your pick of pretty much any inkDori from the bunch (and throw in a couple of hand-lettered journals!) and she'll be well pleased.


Blanket by Fernweh Home

What minimalst mama doesn't like to cozy up in the evening with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea? One of these gorgeous, custom made Falsa Blankets from Fernweh Home would make a perfect (and beautiful!) gift for Mom this Mother's Day!


Ceramic Vase by Quiet Lines Design

I can't get over Quiet Lines Design's ceramic vases. She designs each vase by hand and they are all so beautiful and unique. A handcrafted vase would make such a perfect gift for Mother's Day – just don't forget to stick a flower or two in!


House Shoes by Birdies Slippers

If Mama's not going to pamper herself, you need to bring the pampering to her! Encourage Mom to live in luxury – whether it's doing housework, working from the home office, or chasing toddlers, it can still be done in style! Put your mom in some beautiful Birdies Slippers for Mother's Day and make her feel as chic and sophisticated as she is. (Or just snatch some of these babies up for yourself, little lady. You know you want to!)


Handcrafted Pendant by Dear Mushka

I've featured this shop before, and I think you'll understand why it's making an appearance in another gift guide! Dear Mushka's jewelry is beautifully handcrafted with so much heart, and it's hard not to get lost in the story behind each piece. Another thing that makes these beautiful necklaces perfect for gifting is that they already come packaged in a gift box, and that just makes life easier for you, so, #winning. 


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Handmade Tea Towel by Inspired Knits

Everything Annetta makes is like pure gold, and these hand-knit tea towels are no exception! Encourage your mama to experience tea-time in style with these beautiful pieces from Inspired Knits.


Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils

Give Ma the gift of health! Enroll your mother as a member with Young Living – it's the gift that keeps on giving! The Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 bottles of pure essential oil (that's almost 1000 drops!), your choice of diffuser, samples, educational material, and a supportive community of like-minded men and women who are on their own journey to wellness. Once you've got Mom enrolled and set up with her kit, she is now a member and can take 24% off the rest of her orders, forever! No, she doesn't have to order anything else, but that 24% is hers to take! My Enroller Number is 11204646, and I will personally support her every step of the way! Click here to enroll. If you enroll by Wednesday, May 3rd, I'll give you $20 back via PayPal too as a thank you! (Use your mom's name and shipping address but your own payment info. If she wants to make further purchases, we can update her payment information at any time!)

Design Subscription from THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Hey, another gift that keeps on giving! I've got two design subscriptions available – the All-Access Design Subscription and the Calendar Design Subscription. It's super simple: subscribe, print out a pretty design or two, frame the print(s), and bam! Home decor for Mom and for yourself! New designs keep coming too, so you can change out your decor with the seasons! Click here to learn more about the subscription options.


Well my friends, I hope you'll take one or two of these gift ideas and run with them! They'd all make perfect Mother's Day gifts of course, but hey, they'd all be just as wonderful on any other special day (know anyone with a birthday coming up?). Also, you should know that I'm a huge supporter of self-love, so if Mother's Day's not your bag and there aren't any other special days penciled in on your calendar, then you'd better just TREAT YO'SELF!


Reader Feature // New May Designs!

You guys.

Things have been quiet on the blog lately, because life has been busy. And I know you understand, because you're busy, too. I have a lot of new blog posts ideas and collaborations in the works though, so things are going to pick back up really soon!

In the meantime, I continue to be blown away by your support and your response to the designs I've been offering over the past several months. It makes me so happy to see you enjoying the things I've created for you!

Reader Feature and New May Hand Lettered and Hand Painted Designs from THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

In case you missed it, I'd like to introduce you to an exciting change that's taken place here at THE LIFE IN BETWEEN:

TLIBInsider Design Subscriptions

I'm still offering a few monthly freebies to newsletter subscribers (click here to access your freebies, or click here to subscribe to the newsletter), but in order to make it financially possible for me to continue creating for you, I am combining the former freebie page with the former digital shop to offer you one source for all printable and digital hand-lettered pieces, art designs, calendars, notebooks, greeting cards, journaling templates, and more! If you're not already subscribed to one of the two subscriptions offered, click here to learn more!

Here's a peek at the new designs subscribers are getting this month:

Now, since so many of you have been using and styling my designs in such fun ways, I am dedicating a blog post to your creativity each month! I'm doing this for three reasons: 

  1. To thank you for enjoying and sharing my work.
  2. Your creativity will inspire others!
  3. I love community, and this is a fun way to encourage and feature the growing community of TLIB Insiders!

Here's how the Reader Feature works:

When you share a picture of any TLIB creation (freebiessubscriber items, or product) and tag me, @thelifeinbetweenon Instagram or notify me of your share on another social platform, you'll be eligible to be featured in the next Reader Feature post.

As some of you may know, I have a small Ambassador Team as well, so I've been using this series to share a few of their posts too in order to give you some more creative inspiration.

Alright now... here are my favorite shares from the past several weeks!

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Thank you all so much for being such a supportive bunch! I am so thankful that God has put me on this creative path, and cannot wait to see where it leads!



Share a picture of any TLIB creation (freebiessubscriber items, or product) and tag me, @thelifeinbetweenon Instagram OR notify me of your share on another social platform to be eligible to be featured in the next Reader Feature post!

Reading Group // Never Unfriended: The Secret to Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships

This post is sponsored by DaySpring and contains affiliate links. I received product in exchange for promotion. All views and opinions (and reading group plans!) are my own.


I am so excited about the newest book selection for the TLIB Reading Group! DaySpring was kind enough to send me their latest book by (in)courage Community Manager Lisa-Jo Baker, Never Unfriended: The Secret to Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships.

I am certain this book was written for me. I think Lisa-Jo must have been following me around in middle-school, taking notes up through my angsty teenage years into high school, through to university and up to today, a woman who carries scars, shame, and insecurities from broken and failed friendships past. 

Never Unfriended // The new TLIB Reading Group book selection!

The TLIB Reading Group is becoming a place of real community for me. (I've even been brave enough to do live videos for book discussions! Whaaaaaat!?)

Just today, I shared a story about a particular friend from my childhood who told me she couldn't be my friend anymore because I'd succeeded at something she'd secretly wanted me to fail at. We had been friends for about ten years, and jealousy tore us apart. (There's obviously a longer version of the story, but that's it in two sentences.)

I've carried the pain from that "break-up" through to today. To this day, I'm afraid to succeed, for fear that people I love just won't like me anymore. I know it's not the truth, but my unconscious mind tells me that the people I love and care about want me to fail. 

It goes further than that, too. I'm a Words of Affirmation girl, so I thrive on words of encouragement. When I don't receive verbal (or written!) support from people "in my circle," not only do I feel rejected and unloved, but I also feel active contempt and condemnation; because of the pain from my past, when I don't feel supported by someone close to me, my experience tells me that this is someone who's actually hoping to see me fail. 

Never Unfriended // The new TLIB Reading Group book selection!

Listen up. I am not damaged goods. I have friendships, and I have great relationships with members of my family. I don't wallow in self-pity, curled up in a ball with my thumb in my mouth, crying, "nobody loves me!" I mean, who doesn't have baggage, right? I don't let my baggage – my experiences – define me. I live, I love, and I'm happy, 

What I am missing though, goes deeper than just "having friends."

Never Unfriended // The new TLIB Reading Group book selection!

In Never Unfriended, Lisa-Jo starts by tackling our fears. These are the titles of the first three chapters:

Chapter 1: The Fear of Being Hurt. Again. (Friendship PTSD)
Chapter 2: The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Chapter 3: The Fear of Being (or Including) the New Girl

Those are the titles that make me certain that Lisa-Jo has been stalking me for 20-odd years, and has bugged my home and can read my mind. 

But wait! Get this:

Chapter 4: We Can't Always Have Friendship Our Way
Chapter 5: We Can't Expect Other People to Fill Us Up
Chapter 6: We Can't Control Other People's Stories

Did you catch that!? Read the title of Chapter 5 again! What did she say!? Wasn't I just going on about needing friends and family to fill me up? Oh, me. 

I clearly need to read this book.

Never Unfriended // The new TLIB Reading Group book selection!

We're better together, right? Right – which is why I'm looking forward to diving into Never Unfriended in the TLIB Reading GroupLearning and experiencing revelations within a community is one of the most refreshing and fulfilling things… I really believe that. In fact I know it! You should join us!

Now, one more thing before you go. 

There's a fun activity, or challenge, that goes along with the theme of Never Unfriended. DaySpring sent me one of the most adorable little Conversation Starter Jars, which is full of slips of paper that have questions on them to encourage – you guessed it – conversation. I'll be using these little conversation starters in the Facebook Group once we get started with the book!

Here are some sample questions. Choose one of the following questions, and give us your answer in the comments!

  • What's something you've tried, that you'll never, ever try again?
  • Are there any household chores you secretly enjoy?
  • What makes you feel brave?
  • What are you most grateful for, right now, in this moment?
Never Unfriended // The new TLIB Reading Group book selection!

Click Here to order your copy of Never Unfriended.
The book is 30% (plus free shipping in the US) until April 9, so order now!

Click Here to join the TLIB Reading Group on Facebook.
Totally free!

I'll see you in the group! (We'll start Never Unfriended in a couple of weeks, but jump into the group now!)